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Product Manufacturing & Testing

Backed by a team of over 300 engineers and technicians, In-Tech can design and establish the unique production facility needed to produce your product, especially if it will be used in challenging environments and extreme conditions.

Product assembly processes for sealed products:

  • Potting
  • Automated vacuum potting
  • Automated gluing
  • Ultra-sonic welding

Product Casing:

  • Robotic component feed and assembly
  • Onsite production of assembly jigs, fixtures and production aids

Functional Test Equipment is in-house development and commissioning of automated production test equipment, including:

  • ICT & Boundary scan
  • Functional board assembly and product testing
  • GPS and RF testing
  • Leak and product integrity testing
  • Customised Accelerated life Testing, Early Life Performance Testing and Burn-In Testing
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