Customer Testimonials

“In-Tech is definitively one of our best suppliers in terms of reactivity and customer satisfaction.
Excellent job of adjusting production schedule changes depending of components lead time.
We appreciate as well continuous care of customer need.”

– Supply Chain Director, A Leading European Provider of Smart Meters & IOT Solutions

“As a preferred EMS partner In-Tech has been able to achieve high level standard performance in all areas of contract manufacturing from prototyping to full supply chain management. Thanks to its teams involvement and customer oriented state of mind .Same level of service being secured whatever flexibility and constraints customer might have required .Our success has been inseparable from their achievements.”

– Richard Deschamps – Chief Operating Officer – Wireless Communication Industry

“Over the last decade we have found In-Tech to be an outstanding business partner. They are much more than simply a supplier. They watch out for us, they pull information rather than wait to be informed, they present solutions not problems. We have grown to trust them with our most important products from product design, hardware and mechanical design, product testing, both functional and reliability testing as well as the traditional electronic manufacturing services. They have enabled us to bring products to market earlier and to a higher quality standard than we have ever achieved before. Their flexibility, capabilities, integrity, eagerness to ensure our success and above all their people are second to none.”

– Supply Chain Director, A Global Leader in Marine Electronics

“We have had a great business relationship with In-Tech for over 10 years and are highly satisfied the quality of the products that they manufacture for us. In our engagement, In-Tech proven themselves to be a valuable partner and we are very impressed by In-Tech’s engineering team who are very knowledgeable and helpful. In-Tech is a proactive and responsive partner, who commits to deliver dates and deliver on time, in full. We are given no surprises. I have no trouble in recommending this company as a great business partner to work with”

– James Woodisse – VP Operations, Amino – Communication Industry

“It was a significant decision for Seeing Machines to move our electronics manufacturing off shore from Australia. We conducted a detailed market assessment when selecting In-Tech Electronics to be our manufacturing partner. Our relationship is now almost 3 years old and over that time we have never had reason to question or decision. In-Tech Electronics take their commitment to being a partner very seriously. They have helped us navigate the complexities of the manufacturing process and have worked with us to optimise our products to realise efficiencies. The Executive Management of In-Tech have always remained engaged with us and demonstrate a genuine interest in our business and success.”

– Paul Angelatos – COO, Seeing Machines – Automotive Industry

“PHYTEC has had a very positive experience in working with In-Tech in rapidly ramping from First Article control lots to high volume production of a complex and dense PCBA. One area that stands out in our engagement with In-Tech is the responsive and professional level of service from its team across various functions, including: account management, Engineering, Quality, purchasing and accounting. In-Tech has also been a highly capable partner regarding technical complexities such as the PoP-packaged processor on the PCBA. In Tech was also able to easily understand and implement the PHYTEC functional test, as well as set-up our remote access to test data. In-Tech has also provided for consistent cost-down efforts while maintaining a very high quality of production, service and communication. PHYTEC readily endorses In-Tech as an EMS partner given our very positive experiences and the success of this project.”

– Thomas Walker – Managing Director, PHYTEC America

“We have had a business relationship with In-Tech for over six years and are highly satisfied with the work they perform. As a Contract Manufacturer for Astronics AES, In-Tech has proven their capability to provide high quality, competitively priced turnkey Circuit Card Assemblies to support our final production schedule. We appreciate In-Tech’s responsiveness and collaboration to achieve cost reduction. I would highly recommend them as a supplier.”

– Beverly Rechkoff – Director – Supply Chain, Astronics AES – Aerospace Industry

“We consider our cooperation with In-Tech successful. In our engagement with In-Tech they have proven themselves to be a valuable partner. Their commitment and pro-activeness is a key for our collaboration and we do not hesitate to recommend In-Tech.”

– European Medical Devices Supplier – Medical Industry

“I’m writing behalf the entire company to recommend the service of the In-Tech Electronics Ltd. Overall we have been very impressed by In-Tech’s level of service, attention to detail and responsiveness to our changing requirements. We have consistently received high quality products from In-Tech. In addition to their quality, we have also been very impressed by In-Tech’s Engineering team who are very knowledgeable and helpful. As a leading Cambridge, UK based Technology Company we can without any reservation recommend this company as a good business partner to work with.”

– Communication Industry

“Excellent job of adjusting our request for schedule changes… In-Tech has consistently performed as one of our top suppliers. Overall performance is very good… maintaining quality, cost and delivery performance. Achieve new product development objectives for our products.”

– Automotive Product Company

“In-Tech has provided significant support with new product lines by providing valuable DFM inputs and trouble-shooting…..In-Tech’s technical capabilities, timely responses, and proactive performance are keys to our continued relationship.”

– A Leading Supplier of Aerospace Products