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Secure IT services based on real time data is essential for our performance and can provide competitive advantages to our customers as we align our systems with their own logistics solutions.

With our in house IT Team, In-Tech can customize and adapt our systems to enhance our customer’s operational performance.

Our IT system has evolved to become a uniquely flexible asset. It is tightly coupled with our business processes and is capturing the full spectrum of information of the products. Should you need to track components, finished goods inventory, unique customer orders or visualize process results we can adapt our system to meet the most demanding of requirements.

Systems have been adapted to provide real time management of reverse logistics operation both in Hong Kong and China, management of customer order fulfillment and finished goods stocks from Hong Kong, as well as providing traceability for supplies into the Medical and Aerospace industries.

Tapping into the rapidly evolving IoT solutions, we have developed the system template of both back-end data management and the presentation platform to quickly serve the proof of concept of IoT use cases.

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