Founded in 1997, In-Tech is a Hong Kong based Electronic Manufacturing and Development Services company, specialising in supplying demanding industries including automotive, medical, aerospace, marine, banking and wireless communications networks. We also develop tailored industrial grade IoT devices.

At In-Tech, our objective is to provide a reassuring efficient service which allows our customers to remain focused on winning in their marketplace. To do this, we create engineering-led teams which adapt to our customers’ needs and provide a tailored product, manufacturing and test solutions. Our team of over 300 engineers are located in close proximity with onsite test and validation facilities. This provides an ideal environment to proactively deliver solutions and reduce product development cycle times.

In-Tech has production facilities located in Dongguan, the PRC and Penang, Malaysia, these facilities are fully-functional and equipped with a wide range of automated machinery and equipment for production processes. As at 31 March 2022, the total GFA of facilities in Dongguan was around 119,500 sq.m. and the total GFA of facilities in Penang was more than 38,500 sq.m..

In-Tech offers turnkey solutions for new projects, as well as supplying electronic assemblies and completed products. In addition, In-Tech also uses its workshop in Hong Kong to provide repairs, refurbishment and order fulfilment services. All these activities are backed by a proficient internal IT team who provides flexible solutions according to our customers’ needs.

In-Tech’s quality management is accredited to serve aerospace, automotive and medical customers.